The COVID virus is showing no signs of being eliminated, and the daily number of COVID positive people is increasing. VMR facilities are offered to counsel and clients as the best method of appearance to reduce foot traffic in Courts. In such circumstances, a departure from the usual course of courtroom practice will not attract criticism. No doubt the more people present in the courtroom has the potential of increased spread of the virus.

We have watched with concern the increasing frequency of COVID positive defendants appearing in our lower courts. It is also a significant concern that there are numbers of lawyers present in the courtrooms, despite there not being a need for personal attendances or the matter being dealt with is not a matter of those lawyers.

Counsel are asked that they give serious consideration as to the need to be physically present at court on any matter and if there is a need to be present, then counsel only enter the courtroom when their matter has been called.

If you do not need to be at court in person, please do not go.
If you have to go to court, stay out of the courtroom until your matter is called.


Marie Dyhrberg QC