Transitioning from Alert level 4 to level 3 under COVID-19 highlights the requirement for workplaces (law firms among them) to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the safety of their workers and others.  Highly relevant at the current time is the risk of COVID-19 transmission to, from or between people in the workplace as businesses transition to level 3 and less restrictive levels in the future.

The ADLS Health & Safety Law Committee would like to direct practitioners to the many useful resources providing guidance available through WorkSafe's website.  We encourage you to visit: 

The WorkSafe website - transitioning from alert level 4

Among those resources is a useful template to consider for a safety plan:

The WorkSafe website - COVID-19 safety plan

All businesses operating at level 3 (including any law firms that operate) require a safety plan, and must share that plan with employees.

ADLS Health & Safety Law Committee