Please note the following message from Judge Spiller Chair of the Immigration and Protection Tribunal

  1. The Tribunal recognises that, as in Level 3, there may be continued instances of staff and members continuing to work remotely. However, it is expected that there will be a greater presence of staff and members at Tribunal premises.
  2. New appeals, submissions and other information are to be submitted to the Tribunal by email or fax. Hard copies should be posted or couriered. Entry into our premises by persons other than staff and members will be by appointment only. Participants at hearings will be required, on entering Tribunal premises, to complete a contact tracing register, which will include the provision of personal address and telephone number. This is a mandatory requirement in the event that someone tests positive for COVID-19 and all contacts need to be traced. Details provided will be keep secure and confidential and will be provided to the Ministry of Health only if required. No other record of this information will be kept.
  3. Priority, as at level 3, will continue to be attached to the completion and release of decisions. The emphasis will continue to be on the Tribunal bringing the appeals on hand to completion.
  4. Hearings will recommence in the week of 11 May, and telephone conferences and hearing dates will be set though dialogue involving members, the staff, and counsel/ representatives or unrepresented parties. During the rest of May, there will be hearings of some of those appeals that were adjourned from late March, April and early May. Hearings already scheduled for June will, in principle, remain in place. From July onwards, hearings will comprise those that were earlier adjourned, in order of priority, failing which by date of lodgement. Where appropriate, hearings may be conducted by VMR, and consideration will be given to splitting a one-day hearing into two consecutive half days.
  5. The above protocol will be reviewed when the Government decides to change to Level 1.