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Temporary Contact: Vaheeni Naidoo
09 303 5281


Committee members, October 2022 - September 2024:

  1. Patrick Senior - Senior Associate, Russell McVeagh (Committee Co-Convenor)
  2. Mike Doesburg, Wynn Williams (Auckland), Partner (Committee Co-Convenor)
  3. Kenneth Palmer - Professor, University of Auckland
  4. Grant Hewison - Barrister sole
  5. Richard Gardner - Barrister sole
  6. William McKenzie - Barrister (employed), Grant Hewison Barrister
  7. Kahlia Goss - Solicitor, Tompkins Wake
  8. Professor David Grinlinton, Professor, University of Auckland
  9. Associate Professor Elizabeth Macpherson, University of Cantebury
  10. Charl Hirschfeld, Ranfurly Chambers, Barrister
  11. Joanna Beresford, Beresford Law, Partner
  12. Joanne Baguley, Atlas Legal, Director
  13. Kate Dickson, Wynn Williams (Christchurch), Associate
  14. Elliot Maassen, Wynn Williams (Auckland), Associate
  15. Megan Exton, Holland Beckett, Solicitor
  16. Troy Stade, Dawson & Associates, Solicitor
  17. Charlotte Muggeridge, Harkness Henry, Associate
  18. Alex Cumming, Auckland Council, Senior Solicitor
  19. Jemma Hollis, Cooney Lees Morgan, Solicitor

    Equal Justice Project (EJP) student representatives on the Committee, 2022 calendar year:

    • Vanessa Falcunitin, Law and Politics student at the University of Auckland
    • Lauren Aspoas, Law and History student at the University of Auckland

Interested in joining the committee?

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