Contact Committee Convenor


  • Marie Dyhrberg QC (Convenor)
  • Julie-Anne Kincade QC
  • Susan Gray, Barrister Sole - Blackstone Chambers
  • Emma Priest, Barrister Sole - Blackstone Chambers
  • Lynn Hughes, Barrister Sole - Sentinel Chambers
  • Ish Jayanandan, Barrister Sole
  • Sue Petricevic, Barrister Sole - Vulcan Chambers
  • Lucy Smith, Barrister Sole
  • David Dickinson, Barrister Sole - Federal Chambers
  • John Hickey, Hickey Law
  • Samira Taghavi, ActiveLegal
  • Aieyah Shendi, Employed Barrister to Julie-Anne Kincade QC
  • Hannah Hellyer, Junior Barrister to Marie Dyhrberg QC and Paul Barrowclough
  • William Mohammed, Employed Barrister to Julie-Anne Kincade QC
  • Nathan Batts, Haigh Lyon
  • Mark Williams, Manukau Public Defence Service
  • Angelica Sivanantha (EJP student representative)
  • Imogene Bedford (EJP student representative)

The Committee will be opened for applications to join in July 2022. Please keep an eye on ADLS' website and LawNews for further information from 1 July 2022.