The Civil Litigation Committee is made up of experienced practitioners working in firms or sole practice who have expertise in civil litigation. The purpose of the committee is to monitor procedure, rules, legislation and precedent setting cases concerning civil litigation. One of the main stakeholders that the committee liaises with is the Rules Committee, a statutory body with responsibility for procedural rules in New Zealand's four main jurisdictions; the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court and the District Court. The committee regularly puts forward proposals regarding reform of the District and High Court Rules to the Rules Committee.

Access to justice is also an area of focus for the committee and members keep a watching brief on issues regarding fees, civil legal aid, as well as the award of costs. A major area of focus for the committee in 2020 will be making submissions on a review of the rules governing civil trial procedures that is led by the Rules Committee. This review proposes reforms aimed at improving access to justice by reducing the costs associated with bringing a civil matter to court.