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The Courtroom Conduct Committee was established in February 2020 to assist ADLS member litigators in dealing with an issue or incident arising in a courtroom or tribunal. The Committee is comprised of experienced lawyers practising in various areas of law and with a good understanding of what may or may not constitute acceptable conduct in the courtroom. It will primarily serve as a sounding board for affected practitioners with a view to:

    • providing support to affected practitioners; and
    • depending upon the nature of the incident, either:
      1. provide guidance and training for practitioners (e.g. on ways to deal with “robust” behaviour and, alternatively, courtroom etiquette and practice where the practitioner may be inexperienced or this would be helpful); or
      2. guide the practitioner towards various forums available to have the matter addressed, or to seek to effect change.

    Issues considered by the Committee include issues arising in a court setting and other advocacy forums where lawyers appear, for example the Employment Relations Authority, Tribunals, etc.

    Practitioners experiencing an issue are encouraged to complete the Lodgement of Courtroom Incident Form (download form) and forward it to the Committee Secretary, Melissa Fini: