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The Employment Law Committee is comprised of practitioners who specialise in employment law and work for firms, private in-house teams, unions and as sole practitioners and barristers. The Committee liaises closely with a wide range of stakeholders in the employment law sector including the Employment Court, Employment Relations Authority, WorkSafe and other employment-related institutions such as trade unions. The committee assists with the development of the well-attended Burning Issues in Employment Law Forum and also hosts an annual dinner for employment law practitioners, mediators, and judges.

In 2020, the main areas of focus for the committee will be clarifying the operational relationship between the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court as well as the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s proposal to introduce a third category of worker which will be a hybrid between an employee and independent contractor. The Committee will also give consideration to access to justice issues, such as the increasing cost of litigation and how to mitigate this for clients.