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Whilst there are many clear benefits for the profession in engaging with social media – it takes just one ill-judged tweet or reckless post to expose lawyers and law firms to serious reputational, legal, ethical, and regulatory ramifications. In addition, seemingly innocent posts may expose practitioners to social engineering scams, posing significant security risks to themselves or their firms.

This On Demand session examines the specific legal, ethical, security and related risks that the profession should be aware of when using social media, and provides practical guidance on how lawyers and law firms can manage and mitigate against the risks.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain insight on ways to protect personal information on social media.
  • Understand the importance of having policies regulating social media use.
  • Learn about social engineering scams on social media and tips to protect against them.
  • Become aware of the range of ethical issues and potential ramifications facing the profession’s use of social media.
  • Receive practical guidance on how to use social media responsibly and avoid legal and ethical transgressions.

Who should view?

All lawyers who engage with social media but more especially lawyers responsible for managing their firms’ official social media sites and anyone who uses social media for business and professional purposes.

Feedback from previous attendees:

  • This is one of the best, if not the best, live stream I've attended through the ADLS. Totally on point for my role.
  • Legal back ground of the presenters was good. Use of examples was excellent.
  • Presentations were clear and background papers very informative. Presenters spoke well, very practical and engaging.

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