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Disclosure can be fundamental, whether to prove a case or support a defence. Yet it has its challenges. The scope for disclosure has widened as technology has developed – today, counsel needs to consider seeking cellphone provider records of witnesses or social media posts together with the more traditional items such as accounting and bank records or fingerprint evidence. Attention must be paid to the independence (or otherwise) of the source and production of evidence. Responsibilities and obligations of counsel can be confusing.

This seminar will cover these and other practical matters in this vital area. Registrants are invited to submit questions in advance to cpd@adls.org.nz

Learning outcomes:

  • Receive guidance on how to go about obtaining information, ensuring it is independent and in the appropriate format.
  • Improve your ability to anticipate what information should be available and what you are entitled to, for example in respect of different types of charges and where there are multiple defendants.
  • Gain insights into what the prosecutor considers in responding to a request. When is it acceptable to say that it is not in police possession – where is the line between prosecuting agencies? How does the information ESR holds fit with police disclosure obligations?
  • Benefit from tips about how to ensure your client retains, and maintains the evidential integrity of, information.
  • Understand better the interface of seeking disclosure and the use of other legislation, such as the Privacy Act.
  • Refresh your knowledge of how procedural matters, such as applications under s 30 Criminal Disclosure Act and seeking court assistance in timetabling, could improve your effectiveness in respect of disclosure

Who should attend?

All those practising in Criminal law.

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