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About the Event

Cast aside your scarf and hat and warm yourself at the boiling vat that is the Burning Issues Forum 2021. Come see the flickering fangs of orange torch the scorching cauldron’s bottom!

Legislation, the expanded jurisdiction of the Authority, and living and working with COVID-19 now and into 2022 are some of the scolding hot topics that will be served, crackling and steaming, at this, our annual inferno.

And though our eyebrows singed may be, we’ll sit in awesome reverie, ‘til the smoke clears, leaving clarity!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn more about the expanded jurisdiction of the Authority as a consequence of the Supreme Court’s recent decision in FMV v TZB [2021] NZSC 102, and what this decision may mean practically.
  • Navigate the emerging themes of the COVID-19 mandatory vaccination cases.
  • Gain insight into overseas trends and experiences regarding COVID-19, the workplace and mandatory vaccinations.
  • Consider the intersecting (and at times competing) legislative requirements in New Zealand regarding COVID-19 mandatory vaccinations.
  • Gain insight into how mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations impact tikanga Maori.
  • Look forward into 2022 and consider what work (and life) will be like for employers and employees.
  • Discover more about recent legislative changes and their impact.

Who should attend?

All employment lawyers.

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