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It has become fashionable in some quarters to regard the pleadings as being of little importance. This view is often voiced in the suggestion that the exchange of briefs of evidence before trial will cure any lack of particularity in the pleadings. Such a view is misguided.

Pleadings which are properly drawn and particularised are an essential road map for the Court and the parties.

They are the documents against which the briefs of evidence are or should be prepared.

They are the documents which establish the parameters of the case, not the briefs of evidence.

Learning outcomes

This On Demand seminar outlines the core skills required and fundamental rules to be followed to produce really successful pleadings and other litigation documents. Those viewing will gain an in-depth understanding of:

  • the function of pleadings;
  • the formal requirements of pleading;
  • the principal rules of pleading; and
  • how to draw persuasive and authoritative statements of claim and statements of defence.

Who should view?

Civil and commercial litigators at junior to intermediate level and those more senior seeking a refresher. General practitioners who do some litigation work would also benefit from viewing.

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