The ADLS Parole Committee is made up of members of the criminal defence bar who are committed to providing access to justice for their clients after they have been sentenced for criminal offending. The Committee will promote the resources available to lawyers who practice in this area by advancing their education and assisting their development. The Committee will also actively engage with stakeholders, particularly the Department of Corrections and the New Zealand Parole Board.

Given that parole work is a small and specialist area of practice, the committee is currently developing a network of lawyers who undertake this work. The purpose of the network is to foster collegiality and make it easier for members of the public to identify and contact a suitable lawyer. The following lawyers are available to undertake parole work and have agreed to have their contact details listed below.

Courtney, Amanda Northland litigate@xtra.co.nz
Earl, Sue Whangarei Sue.earl@xtra.co.nz
Brickell, Scott Auckland scott@scottbrickell.co.nz
Burton, Ella Auckland ella@ellaburton.co.nz
Chambers, Roger Auckland roger.chambers@xtra.co.nz
Cooper, Tiffany Auckland tiffany@tiffanycooper.co.nz
Dyhrberg QC, Marie Auckland maried@mariedyhrberg.co.nz
George, Dana Auckland dana@danageorgelaw.co.nz
Hamlin, Marek Auckland marek@highstreetlaw.co.nz
Hamlin, Phil Auckland phil.hamlin@hamlinlaw.co.nz
Hellyer, Hannah Auckland Hannah.Hellyer@outlook.co.nz
Iggulden, Frances Auckland frances@fjilaw.co.nz
Jayanandan, Iswari Auckland iswarij@yahoo.co.nz
Kim, Hannah Auckland hannahkim@lawyer.com
Lamb, Kevin Auckland kevin@vulcanchambers.co.nz
Manning, Nicola Auckland nicola@nicolamanning.co.nz
Massyn, Trunelle Auckland trunelle@trunelle.com
McCausland, Raewyn Auckland mccausland.law@gmail.com
Mortimer, Maria Auckland m.mortimer@mamlaw.co.nz
Mutch, Steven Auckland steven@highstreetlaw.co.nz
Osborne, Phil Auckland phil.osborne@hamlinlaw.co.nz
Petricevic, Sue Auckland sue@vulcanchambers.co.nz
Pitch, Maxine Auckland maxine@mpitchlawyer.co.nz
Priest, Emma Auckland emma@emmapriest.co.nz
Smith, Lucy Auckland lucysmithlaw@gmail.com
Timmins, Matthew Auckland matthew@criminal-lawyer.co.nz
Tu'i, Lila Auckland lila.l.tui@gmail.com
Tupuola, Ally Auckland ally@criminal-lawyer.co.nz
Yi, Joon Auckland joon@joon.co.nz
Simperha, Adam Gisborne adam.s@wwclaw.co.nz
Vigor-Brown, Rob Rotorua rob@vigorbrownlaw.co.nz
Beveridge, Ann-Marie Hamilton ann-marie@amb.legal
Allan, David Hamilton djallanbarrister@gmail.com
Hesketh, Bruce Waikato bruce@adamslaw.co.nz
Brosnaha, Anna Whanganui reception@brosnahans.co.nz
Goodlet, Debbie Whanganui Debbie@victorialaw.com
Jaquiery, Megan Whanganui megan@mjlaw.co.nz
Piper, Blair Whanganui blair_piper@yahoo.com
Bonifant, Janine Wellington janine@brandonst.co.nz
Bott, Michael Wellington michaelbott@xtra.co.nz
Fitzgerald, Michael Wellington michael@pkclc.com
Fraser, Seth Wellington seth@libertychambers.co.nz
Fulton, Geoff Wellington geoff@fultonlaw.co.nz
Fyfe, Judith Wellington judith@fyfeanddoherty.co.nz
Kilbride, Mike Wellington Mike.kilbride@xtra.co.nz
Lander, Michelle Wellington michellelander@xtra.co.nz
Livingston, Digby Wellington digby@wclc.org.nz
Pohiva, Semisi Wellington semisi@pohiva.com
Robertson, Julia Wellington Julia.robertson@quaylegal.co.nz
Shone, Sue Wellington Sue.shone@gmail.com
Sommers, Regena Wellington Regena.sommers@exeolegal.co.nz
Ruane, Craig Christchurch craig.ruane@gmail.com
Starling, Michael Christchurch starling.michael@gmail.com
Saunderson-Warner, Sarah Otago sarah@ssbarrister.nz

Please note ADLS does not endorse individual lawyers and this list is provided solely for the reasons outlined above. If you would like to be added to or removed from this list please email committee.secretary@adls.org.nz