Authors: Vicki Ammundsen, Hugh Ammundsen, Catherine Atchison, Kathryn Dalziel, Professor Kate Diesfeld, Dr Mark Fisher, Elaine Henderson

This new book gives practical guidance on the legal issues affecting people as they age. It covers the issues involved in planning for older age, the issues faced by older people as they deal with new and changing circumstances, planning for how to deal with estates and assets and, finally, the often inconvenient issues of dealing with death and what follows.

Topics covered include:

  • multiple-generational households
  • residential care subsidies
  • family trusts issues as trustees and settlors age
  • retirement funding
  • elder abuse
  • family loans
  • powers of attorney
  • mental capacity, and
  • wills.

The book includes contributions from practitioners with deep experience in particular subject areas to ensure that it provides useful knowledge and advice about the key stages in life and the needs of people at those stages. It is divided into 19 practical chapters that encompass different real life issues affecting people as they age.

Who should read this guide:

This practical guide will be useful both for professionals dealing with older clients and for older people and their families grappling with the inevitable issues associated with aging.