Materials comprised of a Paper and a PowerPoint handout.


Justin Graham, Partner, Chapman Tripp:
Tom Cleary, Senior Associate, Chapman Tripp.


Defamation is a complex, growing and constantly-developing area of law, currently grappling with the rise of social media.

With social media giving anyone an unprecedented platform to share their views, the last five years have seen a significant increase in defamation claims – a trend that seems set to continue.

How do you ensure that defamation claims are dealt with quickly and efficiently? What strategies can you use to ensure a good outcome outside of, or in, court? What are the critical issues in defamation and what does the future look like?

Using the latest New Zealand and overseas cases, these materials give you a comprehensive understanding of these and other key issues in defamation law.

These materials will help you:

  • Discover the range of options for clients who have been defamed or are accused of defamation, including damages and the available defences.
  • Learn strategies and tactics to settle claims quickly.
  • Receive instruction on drafting defamation claims, defences and notices.
  • Gain insights into using court processes to advance your client’s position.

Intended audience

General practitioners, civil litigators and media law specialists.