Materials comprise paper and PowerPoint handout.


Her Honour Judge Inglis, Employment Court
James Crichton, Chief of the Employment Relations Authority
Catherine Stewart, Barrister
Chair: Kate Ashcroft, Partner, Copeland Ashcroft Law


Running employment cases requires a range of litigation skills given that practitioners may appear in both the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court and that each of these has their own rules and approaches.

This seminar, presented by an Employment Court Judge, Chief of the Authority and a barrister specialising in employment law will provide practical insights and advice on representing your client in both the Authority and the Court and tips on the advocacy skills necessary to obtain the best outcome for them.

These materials will help you:

  • Acquire a practical overview of both the Authority and Court processes from the start when proceedings are filed through to the conclusion of the case and appreciate the differing approaches of each forum.
  • Understand better the ethical considerations that relate to the Authority and the Court as well as to court staff and opposing counsel.
  • Gain further insights into how lawyers may engage more effectively in the employment law jurisdiction and the advocacy skill sets required for each.

Intended audience

Employment law lawyers, barristers and advocates.