Sale of Goods in New Zealand sets out and explains the substantive rules of law in respect of contracts for the sale of goods contained in pt 3 of the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017, written to the new legislation, terminology and in a uniquely domestic context.

This work follows the scope of the sale of goods legislation and provides in-depth commentary and analysis of non-consumer sales between New Zealand businesses. It starts with an introduction, history and discussion of the scope of the legislation before moving into the mechanics of formation of the contract, and passing of property and risk. There are chapters specific to buyer’s duties, seller’s duties, buyer’s remedies and seller’s remedies, then the final chapter is an extensive discussion of international sale of goods involving New Zealand businesses. As an added feature there are comparative tables mapping sections of the repealed legislation to the new Act and vice versa.

The value of the goods bought and sold each year in New Zealand that are potentially subject to the sale of goods legislation is enormous. Sale of Goods in New Zealand is a must-have purchase for commercial practitioners, academics and barristers and will ensure that you have the answers to even the most complicated challenges.

" …(an) admirably comprehensive analysis of the subject from a New Zealand perspective…The text identifies key principles clearly, and proceeds then to outline their application by reference to examples drawn from leading cases, and by reference also to important exceptions. The analysis of principles governing the passing of property under contracts for the sale of goods, and of the respective duties of, and remedies available to, sellers and buyers, is notably thorough." - Hon Justice Stephen Kós