The 2021 New Zealand Master Tax Guide is essential reading for accountants and lawyers advising on tax. It provides succinct yet comprehensive coverage of a wide range of tax topics for the tax generalist who needs to be kept up to date.

The Guide covers all areas of New Zealand tax law and includes practical examples to help explain how concepts are applied in practice.


The increase of the top personal income tax rate to 39% and consequent changes to the extra pay, FBT, RWLT, RWT and ESCT rates​

It contains concise summaries of legislation, cases and Inland Revenue rulings and statements affecting the 2020/21 and future tax years.

Practical examples are included to illustrate how common tax scenarios are applied in practice.

Tax calendars set out when payments are due.

The dates and rates sections allow the rate of tax thresholds, interest rates and depreciation rates to be worked out.

The 2021 New Zealand Master Tax Guide will ensure you are up to date with the latest changes in tax, including:

• tax relief and income measures contained in COVID-19 response legislation, including the reintroduction of depreciation for non-residential buildings, an increase in the provisional tax threshold, changes to the tax loss continuity rules, and a tax loss carry-back regime

• the introduction of the wage subsidy and small business cashflow loan scheme in response to COVID-19

• broadening the refundability of research and development tax credits

• proposed legislative changes, including specific deductibility provisions for feasibility expenditure, rules to govern purchase price allocations, and expansion of the regular pattern restrictions in the main home, residential and business premises exclusions.

As well as the comprehensive guidebook, you also receive:

• a free copy of New Zealand Depreciation Rates

• a free eBook version of the New Zealand Master Tax Guide.