In this edition, the author has comprehensively updated the text to reflect the rapid changes in law particularly with regards to defamation, privacy, breach of confidence, contempt and court reporting, official information, and media complaints bodies.

Significant cases have been covered since the previous edition, including: the Durie case in defamation where the courts have recognised a new defence of responsible communication on a matter of public interest; the Wall v Fairfax decision – the first from the courts on the interpretation of our hate speech provisions in the Human Rights Act; and the fallout from the search and seizure carried out on Nicky Hager’s property which significantly impacted on the law relating to privacy and search and seizure of media generally.

This authoritative text provides definitive coverage of the topic of media law: it is a must-have text for students of media law, lawyers, journalists and other media professionals.


• Definitive coverage of media law
• Clear and straightforward, written without legal jargon to be accessible to legal professionals and the layperson.


Written by Ursula Cheer