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The Property Law Committee is one of ADLS’s longest standing Committees and is influential in the development of property law and practice. Committee members all have expertise in property law and liaise with a range of stakeholders in the property law sector including LINZ, REINZ, Auckland Council, the Courts and the Tenancy Tribunal to develop solutions to a range of property law issues.

Upcoming focus

The Committee has worked closely with LINZ and the Retirement Commissioner on various projects and will continue the work in those spaces. In addition, with an aging population and the volatility in the property market, the Committee is prepared to respond or be proactive on relevant topics - such as retirement village agreements, sunset clauses, earthquake-prone provisions in leases, and mortgagee sales.

Interested to join?

Committee membership applications for the term October 2022 - September 2024 have now closed. If you remain interested in joining, please contact


The Committee meets once a month in-person on the second Monday of each month at 1pm. An online option is offered to out-of-town committee members to participate in the monthly meetings.

Committee members are expected to contribute in:

  • Drafting of submissions, Bills, and/or letters;
  • Representing the Committee at stakeholders meetings;
  • Writing articles, or being interviewed, for LawNews;
  • Assisting ADLS CPD; and/or
  • Providing subject matter expert input to the work of ADLS Documents & Precedents Committee.