This comprehensive guide discusses the key income tax and GST issues associated with buying, selling, owning and leasing property.

Substantive legislative changes have occurred since the publication of the seventh edition, the most important being the changes to the bright-line test and the limitation of interest deductions for residential property investors.

The new edition will be fully revised and updated for these changes, together with developments in Inland Revenue guidance and rulings.

Topics covered include:

  • choosing ownership vehicles for property purchases
  • tax-effective financing
  • purchasing the property
  • residential investment properties
  • commercial investment properties
  • bright-line test and purpose or intention of disposal
  • builders, land dealers, developers and rezoning
  • development and subdivision activities
  • forestry and farm land
  • restructuring ownership of existing properties
  • selling the property.

Practical and up to date, this book will provide readers with the knowledge required to comply with the new tax landscape as well as effectively manage tax expenses for property transactions.