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Members Special Fund
The Members Special Fund helps lawyers and their dependants who are in financial hardship arising from bereavement, illness, business failure, or hard times generally. The committee approaches applications for assistance in a non-judgmental, practical and sensible way and assistance can be provided in the form of direct financial assistance or by funding medical, accounting, or other professional advice. Alternatively, the assistance can be by way of a grant or a loan, depending on the circumstances. To be eligible, applicants must be: a current lawyer member of ADLS (i.e. not a student member); a previous member of ADLS who contributed to the Members Special Fund; spouses or dependants of the above; or other current/former lawyers or their families at the discretion of the Members Special Fund committee. In responding to applications the committee strikes a balance between realistic assistance – assistance that will make a difference to the applicant – and the sustainability of the fund. Every application is seriously considered and the committee strives to find a way to help if possible. Please contact Krystal Marshall if you wish to seek more information about applying to the Members Special Fund for assistance in strict confidence.
  • Paul Collins – Shortland Chambers (Convenor)
  • Miles Brown – Castle Brown
  • Luke Crawford – Sellar Bone & Partners
  • Bob Eades – Wynyard Wood
  • Max Shin – Queen City Law
  • Don Wackrow – Wackrow Williams & Davies
  • Norman Elliot – Penney Patel Law
  • Michael Eamon Molloy – Couch Harlowe Kovacevich

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