This new edition extensively updates case law throughout the text, incorporates legislative developments, and covers emerging issues for consumers. It covers the new prohibition on unconscionable conduct, new laws that tighten up the predatory lending laws, new regulation of financial advice, updates on the unfair contract terms laws, reform work in the area of class actions, emerging issues due to covid-19, and the impact of technology on consumers.

Topics include the regulation of defective goods and services, consumer information, unfair terms, industry specific regulation, consumer credit, consumer investment, the regulation of particular selling methods, technology, and consumer access to justice.

The policies and philosophies underlying consumer laws are examined with regard to the broader debates about rationales for regulation. The eight authors are experts in the field.

Consumer Law in New Zealand will assist policymakers, academics and law students who are interested in an analysis of current consumer law issues. It is also an excellent resource for legal practitioners, Disputes Tribunal Referees, Citizens Advice Bureaus, Community Law Centres, and consumers themselves.

Edited by Kate Tokeley and Victoria Stace