Fringe benefit tax (FBT) is arguably one of the most controversial and costly taxes for any New Zealand business to administer. The 6th edition of this practical book uses worked examples, case studies and checklists to illustrate the meaning of the law and the context in which FBT might arise.

This new edition has been updated in light of legislative changes to the rules around unclassified benefits paid by associates, the pooled alternate rate option, close company and small business options for paying FBT at a flat rate, as well as a raft of new and updated Inland Revenue rulings covering FBT issues.

Topics covered include:

  • key concepts and definitions
  • distinction between cash and non-cash benefits
  • motor vehicles
  • employment-related loans and other specific benefits
  • unclassified benefits
  • exclusions from FBT
  • options for calculating FBT
  • selected FBT issues, including charities and inbound/outbound employees
  • commonly asked questions.

The text is an invaluable resource for employers, business owners, shareholder–employees, payroll managers, financial controllers, accountants and legal professionals.