This 35-year collection of jottings is an absorbing and delightfully written collection of windows into the daily life of a busy New Zealand judge recording cases, courts, crimes & criminals. Some serious, some light-hearted; but all exposing human fallibilities of stupidity, aggression & greed. The anecdotes include notes on Thieves, Robbers, Burglars, Fraudsters, Tax Cheats, Benefit Bludgers, Bashers, Beaters, Punchers, Stabbers, Killers, Drunks, Drug offenders, Traffic courts, Sex crimes, Arson, Firearms, Youth Court, Animals, Canine Law, Civil disputes, Family Court, Slavery, Samoan interlude, Judges, Lawyers, Juries, Civil squabbles, Gangs, Parole, Police & Law Enforcement, Maoridom, Rogues, Vagabonds, Parole, Immigration & others!