McMorland on Easements, Covenants and Licences, 4th edition, is an authoritative work covering the law relating to these specific, yet related, areas of law. The fourth edition updates content from the last edition with a specific focus on the substantive legislative changes in the Land Transfer Act 2017. This book will provide the busy practitioner with up-to-date, clear and practical guidance on the law relating to easements, covenants and licences, and the issues which can arise from these rights.

The content from this book is drawn from chapters 16, 17 and 18 of the popular online publication Hinde, McMorland & Sim Land Law in New Zealand providing an in-depth and comprehensive analysis and commentary on all topics


• The only dedicated resource relating to easements, covenants and licences on the New Zealand market.
• Written by a leading commentator in this area of law.
• Fully updated commentary relating to the recently enacted Land Transfer Act 2017.

Part 1: Easements and profits
1 – Easements
2 – Profits à prendre
3 – Disturbance of easements and profits
4 – Variation of easements and profits
5 – Extinguishment of easements and profits

Part 2: Covenants affecting freehold land
1 – Introduction to covenants affecting freehold land
2 – Covenants affecting freehold land: at common law
3 – In equity: covenants created before 1 January 1987
4 – Statutory covenants — covenants created on or after 1 January 1987
5 – Modification or extinguishment of covenants
6 ¬– Positive covenants and covenants in gross
7 – General principles applicable to covenants
8 – Remedies for breach

Part 3: Licences
1 – Nature of a licence
2 – Types of licence
3 – Equitable estoppel
4 – Enforceability of licences by third parties
5 – Determination of licences