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ADLS National
Buddy Programme

ADLS is committed to empowering the legal profession to achieve excellence. This commitment extends to law students who are navigating their law degree and would benefit from guidance and support as they start to look toward the future and put plans into place for the next steps in their field of choice.

To provide support and guidance to New Zealand law students, ADLS hosts an initiative; the ADLS National Buddy Programme. Under this initiative, ADLS invites Newly Suited lawyers with up to 7 years of Post Qualification Experience (PQE), to consider becoming a mentor to a law student in their final year of study.

The purpose of this mentorship programme is to help students develop a connection with a contact in the profession who can provide guidance and support throughout the students final year of study.

How does it work?

ADLS sources Newly Suited members and law students in Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Christchurch and Otago. We then provide a short survey for all interested parties to populate and we will pair a selection of final year law students with a Newly Suited lawyer in their city of study. ADLS will then host a commencement event in the students’ city of study to introduce the two to each other. ADLS will provide a framework for mentorship providing critical guidance for both the Newly Suited mentor and the student mentee.

Additional events may be hosted by ADLS throughout the year and each mentor/mentee pairing are encouraged to stay in contact and meet up casually, perhaps over a coffee.

What can you get out of being a mentor?


  • Participating in the proud industry legacy of volunteering.
  • Making a palpable difference for your law student mentee.
  • Receiving a confirmation letter from ADLS of your volunteer activity within the Buddy Programme.


Mentoring evenings are held across New Zealand, if you are interested in participating in the next Buddy Programme event in your area, contact our Membership Team at membership@adls.org.nz.

Please note that all mentors must hold a current ADLS membership status.