Managers and supervisors are key people in organisations when it comes to the prevention of bullying and harassment. This handbook has been written to give them practical guidance and to answer some of the most common questions they ask:

  • How do I identify what is bullying/harassment and what isn’t? Where’s the line?
  • How do I stop bullying/harassment if I know it’s happening?
  • What is the difference between informal and formal interventions? What’s my part in this?
  • What should I do when someone tells me they are being bullied or harassed?
  • How should I respond if I am accused of bullying when I am trying to manage someone?
  • How can I help create a work environment that prevents bullying and harassment from happening?

Hadyn Olsen is a leading consultant specialising in the prevention of bullying and harassment. He is the author of Workplace Bullying and Harassment: A Toolbox for Managers and Supervisors (CCH, 2005, 2010). His twenty years of experience working with numerous organisations in this field form the basis of this timely and practical guide.