‘In a world awash with books about leadership (15,000 currently in print), precious few of them address the distinctive needs of the modern legal services business. So, this book by Simon Tupman is particularly welcome.

The Heart of Practice is a breath of fresh air. It takes a practical real-world approach to identifying the principles by which successful practitioners of the art (and it is an art) lead. The book is well researched and thought provoking, but with a deft lightness of touch. In the first section, Simon explores the principles that underpin effective leadership. In the second section, he puts them into practice, informed as they are, by in-depth conversations with ten leaders of - and advisers to - successful law firms. The thoughts of a government department Chief Legal Officer provide the all-important client perspective.

It is a work designed to inspire you and, in turn, help you to inspire your people to achieve.’

Foreword by Simon J. Slater
Non-Executive Chair, Byfield Consultancy Ltd