Tribunals play a critical role in the lives of the public and are an important feature of the legal landscape. They resolve a greater number of disputes than the Court system and address matters ranging from employment, health, and housing to the ability to practise a profession. New Zealand Tribunals: Law and Practice was written to provide the only legal analysis of the jurisdictions, practices, procedure and current issues of the key tribunals in New Zealand.

Each tribunal is covered by experts in their field as listed below. the book aims to provide practical guidance, information and analysis for lawyers and lay people appearing in front of tribunals. The tribunals in this book are grouped into three broad categories – personal and real property, professional regulation and rights and entitlements.* The following tribunals and reviewing authorities are examined in detail:

The Tenancy Tribunal (Thomas Gibbons)

The Disputes Tribunal (Daniel Shore and Ewen MacPherson)

The Motor Vehicles Disputes Tribunal (Matthew Mortimer)

The Weathertight Homes Tribunal (Jeanne Heatie and Tim Rainey)

Copyright Tribunal (Kevin Glover)

Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (Kevin Glover)

Lawyers and Conveyancers (Michael Hodge)

Regulating Architects' Practice and Conduct (Helen Davidson)

Regulating Engineers' Practice and Conduct (Helen Davidson)

The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (Kate Diesfeld and Lois J Surgenor)

New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal (Julia McCook-Weir)

Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal (Jay Rajendram)

Social Security (Māmari Stephens)

Legal Aid Tribunal (Steven Zindel)

The Immigration and Protection Tribunal (Judge Peter Spiller)

Human Rights (Janet Anderson-Bidois and John Hancock)

The Mental Health Review Tribunal (Nigel Dunlop)

Dispute Resolution in the Accident Compensation Scheme (Ken Mackinnon)

General editors Thomas Gibbons, Meenal Duggal